Dear customers,

Thank you for purchasing our eggs! We started this little venture in 2020 and your continued support is very much appreciated.

It’s January 2024 and our first group of hens have reached the ripe old age of 3.5 years. Unfortunately, they are producing eggs at a rate of only about one egg per day. For this reason, it is taking longer than expected for us to fill orders.

However, our new group of hens are a little more than 3 months old and should be producing in March. Thank you very much for your patience!

Farm fresh chicken eggs now available! $7.50/dozen. Chickens are well-loved, free range and fed USDA organic (fruits, vegetables and feed).

Pick-Up or Delivery: Pick-up Monday-Sunday, 8:00 am – 7:00 pm. We deliver on Wednesdays (Camarillo, Thousand Oaks and Moorpark, only); $3 flat delivery fee.

Located in the Santa Rosa Valley in Camarillo, 93012. We accept cash, Paypal and Venmo: @HannosGarden (code: 5151).

If interested, please send us a direct Facebook message or call/text (206) 445-5151.

We feed our chickens organic Nature Smart pellets, crumble and grain feed.


Our Team

Gina is on the team.