2018 daylilies

Our daylilies are ready to go.

Crimson red color. Large-sized, 6-7″, flower.  BR
Crimson red color. Small-sized, 3-4″ flower.  SR
Orange petals with red center. Double-petaled. Large-sized, 6-7″ flower. ORA
Tri-color–peach, burgundy, ruffled, petals with yellow center. Large-sized, 6-7″, flower.  MOF
Salmon color. Large-sized, 6-7″ flower.  SAL
Pink color with yellow center. Large-sized, 6-7″, flower.
Double-petaled with ruffled edges; peach color. Small-sized, 3-4″, flower.  PEA
Green color. Large-sized, 6-7″, flower.
Color varies from antique pink to rich purple. Small-sized, 3-4″ flower.  PUR
Burgundy color with yellow center. Small-sized, 3-4″, flower.
White petals with purple, ruffled, edges and purple center. Medium-sized, 4-6″, flower.
Cream-colored petals outlined in yellow; pink center. Medium-sized, 4-6″ flower.
Buttermilk color. Small-sized, 3-4″, flower.
Cream color. Medium-sized, 4-6″ flower.  WH